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Our vision is to create a platform that inspires, motivates, and empowers transmen and transmasculine people to live their best, authentic lives.

About Us

The Men in Transition began as a small safe space for transmen to meet, focusing on fellowship and community education. We soon grew as more transmen and gender non-conforming folx started reaching out for support, guidance, and connection. 

The Men in Transition is dedicated to creating a platform that centers the unique experiences of transmen while improving access to resources, providing leadership development and skill building opportunities through the strength of fellowship. 


Our History

Our Services

The Men in Transition (M.I.T) began meeting in October 2019 as a social support group for transgender men to meet and support one another. 

Gaining support with each meeting, the needs of the community evolved and called for more comprehensive intervention

  • Events 

  • Supports

  • Workshop Trainings 

    • LGBT Competency; Transgender Cultural Competency,

  • Resume Writing Assistance  

  • Interview Preparedness

  • Public Speaking  

  • Facilitation Training

  • Life Skills Coaching 

Dexter Davis

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

A dynamic artist, storyteller, and advocate, embodying strength as a transgender leader. Founder of The Men in Transition, co-author of 'Black Transmen Can Cook,' and a Gender Transition Life Coach. Through transformative workshops and powerful events over a decade, Dexter has nurtured safe spaces for authentic dialogue. His mission is to empower individuals, fostering self-love and authenticity. Dexter's impactful presence extends to universities, businesses, churches, and non-profits, enriching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. By sharing his transmasculine perspective, Dexter contributes to a more inclusive and compassionate world. Stay connected to witness his remarkable journey and amplify LGBT voices through his powerful narrative.

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